June 2 update*

* After this edition, the guide evolved into a more friendly format. To access the latest update, click here.

At Europartners Group, we are here for your everyday, so you always think of us as your best logistics partner.

We have been working hard to provide you with simple, fast solutions and the best available alternatives for air, ocean and ground transportation, to support you developing your business.

The economy begins to be reactivated, with new security measures for workplaces. Learn about our solutions for the healthcare industry!

If you need customized solutions for other industries or you require personalized attention on a specific country, route or mode of transport, contact your Europartners Group sales executive, call us (from Mexico) at 800 888 EURO (3876) or write us from anywhere in the world at the following email: info@europartners.com.mx

Air freight

Latin America

This week, we have weekly cargo flight options to Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru to and from Mexico; additionally, we offer alternatives at the main airports in Latin America.

On-board courier (OBC) services are still suspended due to the closure of borders to non-residents and the null operation by airlines to that area. In charter mode, we can offer you options for the Mexico-Latin America route with a commercial airline (except to Venezuela).

North America

We’re covering all the main airports in the United States from or to Mexico. We have direct flight options on the route from/to Canada. We are operating OBC services to the US regularly, departing from Mexico City (MEX); to Canada, we are flying to the US and crossing the border by land. In charter mode, routes to the US and Canada continue to operate normally on GO-NOW services.

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

We maintain our weekly consolidated service from Germany, via Luxemburg. We offer alternatives from/to the main HUBs in Europe. Although OBC services are mostly interrupted due to the closure of borders to non-residents, we can fly to/from Spain, Germany and France twice or three times a week.


We have a consolidated service from China, departing twice a week. Additionally, we offer other weekly options to/from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai or Hong Kong, quoted per event. Due to Shanghai’s airport saturation, full charter operations are restricted, but we continue to operate from alternate airports.

Regular weekly cargo flights to and from the main airports in South Korea, Japan and India keep departing on a regular basis. We have OBC services (except to India) with direct flights to Mexico, without connection in the US or Canada.

Ocean freight

We have own offices in several countries, enabling us to provide you with the perfect solution to mitigate the impact of the contingency on your business and to ensure that your interests are protected. Give us visibility of your needs, so we can advise you in the best way.

This week, some shipping companies report their blank sailing program for routes in Asia and Germany. Check out the details in the route graphs at the end of this section.

Latin America

Good news for your machinery shipments to Latin America: shipping companies that work with rolling cargo and break bulk confirmed the reactivation of their monthly services from June 1, for imports and exports from base ports in: Panama, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and the Caribbean.

Chile – The Iquique International Terminal (ITI) and the Antofagasta International Terminal (ATI), announced that they will maintain their operations normally during the quarantine period decreed by the authority, in order to keep the supply chain working.

Guatemala – The Puerto Barrios Railway Terminal announced that it will continue to work normally for the attention of ships, reception and dispatch of perishable commercial cargo, as well as for cargo services, committed to the new presidential provisions.


Some terminals are slightly affected by the reduction in labor force, but operations continue close to normal.

Italy – Terminals operate with delays due to downsizing and sanitary restrictions.

Spain – Slight impact on productivity; currently, there are no other interruptions due to COVID-19.

Portugal – Terminals in Lisbon are operating regularly.


India – We’re noticing an increase in demand for hi-tech and electronic items, as well as healthcare items (although the export of mouthguards and sanitizers from India is still prohibited). There is a severe labor shortage at dry/CFS ports and major Indian seaports, causing some delays and challenges in consolidation and planning of shipments.

Project cargo

We have unique solutions for you, according to the transportation specifications for your heavy machinery. Regardless of the weight or size of your products, we can transport your project cargo safely, reliably and according to your budget. Tell us all about your project: projectcargo@europartners.com.mx

 Ground freight 

Central America

The Paso Canoas customs office in Panama and the Peñas Blancas customs office in Costa Rica are closed to the transit of non-essential goods. Transit into El Salvador is limited, due to medical check-ups to enter the country.

At the other borders, operators are going through medical checks at the border – their entrance is allowed only for the unloading of units.

Transport units can circulate in Guatemala and Ciudad Hidalgo if they leave before the curfew.

North America

Mexico-United States and United States-Canada borders are still open and ground transportation units are operating normally. We keep offering ground freight services on Mexico’s main borders: Laredo, Reynosa/McAllen, Matamoros/Brownsville, El Paso/Juárez, Nogales, Mexicali/Calexico, Tijuana/San Diego.

Carriers continue to operate without incidents. We have services available throughout Canada, the US and Mexico.

It is important to confirm if the consignees are available to receive the cargo, to avoid temporary storage costs; besides loading/unloading times remain slower than we’ve predicted in warehouses, derived from the contingency situation and the control measurements required.

Over the roads inside Mexico

Operators must travel with protective material (face masks, gloves, antibacterial gel) and undergo physical examinations before starting a service; however, we have no reports of road delays due to road checkpoints.


If you need more information, quotes or reservations, contact us right now sending an email to: info@europartners.com.mx or calling (from Mexico) to 800 888 EURO (3876). You can also check our personalized consultancy services for exclusive logistics solutions.